Covid-19 Updates & Learning at home

This page has been set up as the one place we keep all links and information for parents

Week 1, Term 2: 15th- 17th April

  • Here is an example of the sort of learning we are looking at for next term.
  • This is a senior model of a common theme.
  • Our first theme will be "Easter" and cater for junior, middle and senior pupils.
  • The links will work next term, not now as this is just an example.
  • The whole family can do this together.
  • There is a page for each hub on the same theme to differentiate the learning.
  • Teachers will send out a message in Class Dojo to you with instructions to help.
  • This is a high trust model. Complete what you choose/can.
  • This is still draft so please wait until the 15th to access.

Ministry Links for the 15th April onwards: (still being created as we go, but live)