Learning at home & Covid-19 Updates

This page has been set up as the one place we keep all links and information for parents

Week 4-5, Term 2: 4th - 15th May

  • Our learning for the next two weeks is based around the theme of habitats.
  • These slides cater for junior, middle and senior pupils. Please keep communicating with your child's teacher through Class Dojo - we are here to support you!
  • Choose the learning tasks that you want/can complete. If this means you chose activities from another classes slide that is fine! The whole family should be able to learn together.
  • Keep it manageable and enjoyable.
  • The links are live now - click on the slide for access.
  • Prayers for each week and R.E. Units linked to this topic can be found on the Special Character page of the website.

Week 2-3, Term 2: 20th April - 1st May

  • Here is our learning for the next two weeks.
  • Our theme for the next two weeks is "Changes Happen" and this caters for junior, middle and senior pupils.
  • The links are live now - click on the slide for access.
  • Refer below for further guidance and tips about learning from home.
Week 2 and 3 Changes Happen
Anzac Liturgy 2020

Week 1, Term 2: 15th- 17th April

  • Our first theme is "Easter" and caters for junior, middle and senior pupils.
  • The whole family can do this together.
  • There is a page for each hub on the same theme to differentiate the learning.
  • Teachers will send out messages in Class Dojo to you with instructions to help.
  • This is a high trust model. Complete what you choose/can.
  • Our teachers are available from 10am-12pm daily to answer emails etc.
  • Click on the slide to access.

Helpful Hints:

  • Click the slide (above) to get started.
  • Have a look through with your children.
  • Decide on something to try.
  • If you like an activity on the other hubs slides, give them a go.
  • Keep it enjoyable, keep it manageable. Many of you parents will also be working from home.
  • Our teachers will be asking you tomorrow what works for you and what doesn't.
  • Setting family routines can be really helpful.
Week 1 Easter

Next Important dates:

Monday 27th April: Anzac Day

Tuesday 28th: Teacher only day (no online teachers available, staff getting ready for tomorrow)

Wednesday 29th: School starts for those pupils who meet the criteria (see diagram above).

Our family learning from home daily timetable: (decide what suits your family)

8:00am Get up, changed, breakfast, make our beds, brush our teeth etc.

9am Open the online learning platform- read through the front page, say the prayer together. Choose a family activity. Check Class Dojo messages.

10am Get active (dancing/exercising to music, or star jumps, press ups, step ups) , Brain food

11am. Read through our class slides and choose an activity to do independently, or together.

12pm. Help get lunch ready, eat and help clean up. Then play.

12:23pm Parents time: Nathan Wallis provides advice on home learning for parents with children 8 years and up on the new learning at home TV channel. TVNZ channel 2+1

1pm. Reading time- then choose another activity from our platform.

2pm. Break time, snack and a quiet play. Then into family jobs, help with tea, practice my sport, wipe the door handles, ring/text/email/write to grandparents etc.

3pm. Family time & routines before and after tea.

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