Around the Classes

Our classroom learning is active, engaging and focused on student achievement. At St Joseph's we recognise that learning is a life long journey that also takes place beyond the classroom walls.

tough girl and guy challenge rooms 9 and 10

Off they go!

Waterskide washout.

Bring on the balance.

Outward bound course.

Rooms 9 and 10 attended the Tough Kids Challenge. Year 13 students at Stratford High School designed, planned and constructed a series of challenges for the intermediate kids in the surrounding primary schools. St Joseph's took up that challenge and had a great time.

The Writing Kit - Room 7

Room 7 participated in the 'Writing Kit Project' . The focus for this term was Slam Poetry related to an object. It focused on imagery, powerful descriptive words and wiring anagrams. We also practices writing stories and descriptive pieces.

Our work was sent to Grant Braes School in Dunedin. We received their amazing poetry to share.

Room 8 At the SKATE PARK

The Skate Park

The Journey to bethlehem

Room 6 have been learning about the long, hard journey Mary and Joseph made from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

They made a map of the journey using play dough.


Rooms 1 to 3 enjoy discovery every Friday where they participate in different activities.


As part of Room 7's Stewardship Topic, we investigated the affects of plastic on our fauna and flora. We made 3D art warning of the dangers of 'Plastic in the Ocean'.

Maori Weaving

Room 7 have been learning about how our ancestors used natural materials to make everyday objects.

We had the privilege of trying on some of the korowai and piupiu.

The Royal wedding

Room 4 tried to imagine what Prince Harry

and Meghan would be doing on THEIR big day!

The bride, her mother and her lovely bridesmaids.

We had a lot of fun in the process along with learning about the sacrament of marriage.

Signing the register.

Cutting the cake.

Letter Learning

In Room 2 we focus on one letter of the alphabet for the week and do a number of different activities. This week our focus was on the letter I and we made ice cream.

Pet Visits

In Room 3, we enjoy having visits from our pets. We met Makenzie's puppy Vader. He was very cute and we wrote stories about him using descriptive language.

On another day we also enjoyed having Bella's chickens come and visit us!

Math learning beyond the classroom

We have been learning in class about translation and reflection. We then took ourselves down to the courts, armed with chalk and rotated with a buddy. Great learning Room Four!




Honey bees are so amazing. Did you know that 1 in every 3 bites of food that you eat has been made possible because of a honey bee?

Honey Combs

the art of distortion

In Room 6 we celebrate the fact that we are all unique, yet we are all made in the image and likeness of God. One way that we are different to everyone else can be found at the end of our fingers. We used the patterns on our finger prints to create vibrant colourful pieces of art that are as unique as we are!

We also used distortion techniques to create self portraits with a definite visual impact.

We took the pattern of our finger print and drew patterns in each of the areas.

We painted the swirls and patterns with bold colours.

We have been making some masks using a wet sand mould and plaster of paris.

The faces are our own unique designs.

Face Art

Illustrated poetry

The Bush


The Storm

Room 6

Room 5, 9 and 10 ANZAC Walk and Library visit.

Writing in Room 7

We have taken part in the 'I Have Found A Poem' metaphor writing workshop sponsored by Warehouse Stationery. We have sent our colourful postcards with metaphors about ourselves to our partner school, together with information about who we are.

We cant wait to hear back from them!

Our thoughts about life in Room 7:

We enjoy doing our work through art. [Max]We do interesting writing. [Ellaryce]We are learning new things all the time. [Addison]We all work as a team. [Emma]

We have heard back from our buddy school Room 13 from King's School in Auckland.

Ready for Change

Our last photo of Room 8 outside of our old classroom.

Hamish Bond visit

We had a chance to hold his medals.

Room 7 Fingerprint Art

We have been looking at how we are unique and special. Each fingerprint is different and part of who we are. We celebrated this through our fingerprint art.