Cares Like Jesus

Jesus was a loving and caring friend to his disciples and He is a loving and caring friend to us all. At St Joseph's we aim to care for the wonderful world that God has created for us, our whanau, friends, grand-friends and community, through our learning and actions.

All Saints

The month of November is a special time for remembering.

On November 1st we celebrate the lives of the Saints who have been good role models for us. They show us how to follow Jesus. When we pray to them they take our prayers to Jesus.

All Souls Day

On November 2nd we celebrate All Souls Day.

We remember all members of our family who have left us and are now a peace in Heaven.

Room's 5 and 7 brought in flowers to make posies. We tied a special prayer to each posy. It read:

'The Children of St Joseph’s School would like to give this posy to let you know we are praying for you on All Souls Day.'

We took the flowers to our cemetery to lay on the graves of our families, past pupils and friends.

Before we started Mrs. Van Der Lee lead us in prayer.

Celebrating Daffodil Day

We all made a splash on Daffodil Day to raise money for the Cancer Foundation.

We are caring like Jesus when we are caring for others in our community.

As you can see we were quite inventive!

Grandparent's Day

We celebrate our grandparents and grandfriends. We love sharing time with them and showing them all of our great work at school!


Science and Faith

We have been learning about the Holy Spirit. Here we are, experimenting with baking soda and vinegar. The vinegar helped the baking soda do something special! The Holy Spirit works through us to help us be special too - it helps us be the people God wants us to be!

God's Creation - Our Duty to Care

We have been learning about Plastic Pollution in the Ocean by following the Volvo Around the World Boat Race.

Volvo Boat Race

Look at our power-point to share some amazing facts we have discovered.

The message given loud and clear to stop plastic pollution mirrors the message from Pope Francis. Watch the video clip and find out more.

Here are some of our posters.
These posters are raising awareness of the problems caused by plastic pollution to our world and the implications for the future.

Our theme for this term is St. Joseph the Carer. We looked at the qualities St Joseph displays and the good messages they send us. How can we be like St. Joseph the Carer?