Serving Others

Jesus was a servant king. He showed us that to truly love God and love our neighbours we should put the needs of others first. At St Joseph's serving others like Jesus is central to our role as a Mission School.

Making gingerbread horses to raise money for our RDA

This is Room 7's major fundraising activity for our local community. We run the inquiry as a business project. We did the advertising, taking orders, baking, decorating, packaging and delivery. this year we raised over $900.

Tidy Up time at pioneer village

Pioneer Village Letter Rm 7.pdf

In Term 4 we celebrated Mission Day.

Mission Day is a time of serving and giving. As part of our service in community Room's 6 and 7 went to Pioneer Village to give a helping hand. We were weeding gardens, cleaning windows and sweeping out the fantastic old buildings.

We received a wonderful letter from the people at Pioneer Village thanking us for our help.

Sharing a Meal

Rooms 1, 2 and 3 enjoyed sharing a meal together, just like a meal that Jesus would have shared with his friends.

Room 9 and 10 student army, cleaning up after the storm in Term 1.

Student Army Video.mp4

Caring for our Environment

God gave us the gift of all creation, it is our duty to care for it the best way we can!

Colour Day!

Room 8 are pictured here as a splash of white!

Colour day was a fun mufti day that the whole school took part in to raise money for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Room 7 are the mean, green working machine!

March 15, 2018 Fred Hollis Day.mp4