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Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions

On Christmas Day 1861 in Lyon, France, Euphrasie Barbier founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM - Religieuses de Notra Dame de Missions). She was also known as Mother Mary of the Heart of Jesus.

Four of her Sisters arrived in New Zealand from France in 1861. Their foundation school was St Joseph’s Maori Girls’ College in Napier, established in 1865. Euphrasie first visited New Zealand 1872. By 1960 the sisters had started and were teaching in fifty-eight primary schools and fourteen secondary schools in New Zealand.

St Joseph's, Stratford was blessed to receive its first Sisters in 1897 and they established our school. The first Principal at St Joseph's School was Sister Margaret Mary, who was a Mission Sister.

The Mission Order honours Mary, as the teacher of Jesus, prayer and being a missionary to others. This is the basis of our school's Mission Statement - " Our Mission School cares and shares like Jesus, through serving others - He Manaaki, He Atawhai. "

If you want to find out more, visit the web site of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions www.rndm.org.

The Sisters’ emblem indicates the letters of their religious name as RNDM from the French name Religieueses de Notre Dame de Missions.

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Sister Euphraise Barbier established the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions


Bishop Jean-Baptisete Pompallier brought Catholicism to New Zealand from France.

Margaret Mary

Sister Margaret Mary was the first principal of St Joseph's School, Stratford


Bishop Peter Cullinane was the first Bishop of the Palmerston North Diocese.


Term One Learning

We will participate in lessons from the Jesus Strand, Lent Liturgy and the Holy Week.

At St Joseph's School we are a community of disciples - TE WHANAU A TE KARAITI , being Kind like St. Joseph in our school, at home and in our community.

Learning Objectives for Jesus - Hehu Karaiti.

Year 1 and New Entrants: Jesus is my friend.

Compare ways in which Jesus’ life as a child is similar to the lives of children today. Jesus who became a human being – our elder brother, tuakana is the true Son of God the Father and identify Jesus’ invitations to be friends with him.

Year 2: Jesus showed His love in different ways.

Jesus showed love and respect for people in different ways. Relate the ways Jesus showed love to the ways people show love today and recognise that the Bible is the Church’s special book which includes stories of Jesus.

Year 3: Jesus gives Himself in the Eucharist.

Recognise the link between sharing food and Jesus’ gift of the Eucharist as a special meal, a remembrance and presence, that helps people to grow in holiness and that Christ is really in the Eucharist in special ways and most significantly through the changing of the bread and wine, ‘in a way surpassing understanding’, into his body and blood. The best way of giving thanks to God the Father is through, with and in Jesus in the unity of the Holy Spirit in the Celebration of the Eucharist.

Year 4: Jesus came to show people haw to live and to lead them to God.

Come to know that Jesus invites people to grow in holiness by sharing in His life through grace - Mana Atua. Recognise that by living as Jesus lived Christians are sharing his Mission of worshipping God and bringing about the Kingdom or Reign of God - Rangatiratanga, “on earth as it is in heaven”. Jesus respected tapu in people by exercising tika - justice, pono - integrity and aroha - love and Jesus was sent to reveal the love of God and to bring forgiveness of sin and healing so that people can be reconciled with God - Te Atua

Year 5: The life of Jesus.

To develop an understanding of the structure of the New Testament. Gain knowledge of the context in which Jesus - Hehu lived and his life story. Develop an understanding of what it means to say Jesus was fully human - he tino tangata and fully divine - he tino Atua.

Year 6: Jesus - The fullness of God's Revelation.

Jesus is the Son of God and that he revealed to the world that God is Abba, Father, Matua. Jesus offers people the grace of the Holy Spirit, invites them to turn from sin and to enter a life of faith, hope and love which is expressed in worship of God and in Christian action. Jesus’ life was a response of love for people and for God.

Year 7: Jesus, Saviour and Liberator.

Jesus is Saviour and Liberator through his life, death and resurrection - te aranga. There are avariety of titles for Jesus, including Jesus is Lord, Matamua - firstborn and Tuakana - eldest brother.

Year 8: Jesus- His vales and the role of disciples today.

Understand the Beatitudes and their place in the lives of Christ’s disciples today. Understand original, personal and social sin and people’s struggle against sin in the light of Jesus’ message of forgiveness - hohou rongo. Jesus is an advocate for the poor, the weak, the powerless, those without mana, and how this challenges Christ’s followers today to bring about justice - tika and peace in the world. Jesus is the Risen Lord.


Youth group

Our youth group is open to students Year 4 and up. They meet every second Friday in the Parish Centre from 6 pm to 8 pm. Dinner is provided.

A $2 donation is appreciated.

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